Il Diciotto - Pocket

16/18 cm thick pocket coil mattress for sofa bed for everyday use. Single, double, king and super king size, 198 or 200 cm long. Foam comfort layers on both sides. It fits the Il Diciotto fold out mechanism.

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Unit Price: €283.04
Price: €283.04



Pocket is a 16/18 cm thick pocket coil mattress for sofa bed for everyday use available as a single, double, king and super king size. Its support layer consists of a spring unit made of individually wrapped cylindrical springs, encased in a cloth sleeve that prevents them from collapsing onto each other. This ingenious design allows the mattress to mould according to the weight and shape of the body, thus ensuring a personalised support depending on the sleeper’s features. What’s more, the pocketed coils will not transfer the motion when you change your sleeping position. A polyurethane foam comfort layer on each side completes the comfortable Pocket mattress.
It fits the mechanism for sofa beds Il Diciotto by Lampolet.



  • made in Italy
  • width 76, 115, 140, 160, 180
  • length 198 or 200 cm, ideal for taller persons
  • encased springs adapt to the body and absorbs vibrations when changing sleeping position
  • foam comfort layers on both sides for enhanced resiliency and comfort

Production and Delivery Time: 3 weeks (starting september 2021)



  • single: 76 x 198 / 200 cm
  • large single: 115 x 198 / 200 cm
  • double: 140 x 198 / 200 cm
  • king size: 160 x 198 / 200 cm
  • super king size: 180 x 198 / 200 cm

Height: 16 / 18 cm


Support layer: 1.8 mm diameter steel wire pocket springs h.10 cm
Comfort layer: polyurethane foam + side padding in 25 kg/m³ density polyurethane foam
Cover: terrycloth 80% CO + 20% PL, lined with polyurethane foam density 30 kg/m³ h.8 mm, resinated fabric 100% PL 200 g/m² and TNT non-woven fabric
Border cover: 100% CO lined with a 5 mm polyurethane foam layer

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