About Us

Over 50 year in the business, a manufacturing site entirely located north of Milan, between the towns of Seregno and Meda. 100% Italian, completely focused on the design and production of opening mechanisms patented both in Europe and the United States. This is Lampolet, a leading manufacturer of luxury sofa bed metal action mechanisms and high quality mattresses.

Founded in the early Sixties as a workshop run by two long-time friends, from the beginning Lampolet focused its efforts on convertible sofas and chairs. It’s a whole new market, but it’s bound to grow over the years. In Italy, this is a time known as the “economic miracle” and the two founders know it’s also the right time to give people innovative and prized products for their holiday homes. The ‘70s bring with them new technologies, and the once-workshop starts to expand into a factory. It’s in the early 1980s when the management decided to complete its catalogue with sofa bed and bed mattresses.

Since the Sixties, growth has been exponential, fuelled by the creation of ever new mechanisms in line with the changing needs of the modern dweller. Keeping an eye on European and foreign trends, many innovative solutions have been made over the years: space-saving sleeper sofas, the electric opening, a-frame mechanisms for small spaces, footstools that convert to bed of any size, and much more to come.

Lampolet boasts in-house manufacturing, fully run in Italy.
To ensure maximum safety, our mechanisms are tested by independent labs such as the CATAS, while the mattresses undergo strict fire resistance in order to comply with standards in Italy, Europe and other countries.
Other certified procedures concern the design, the manufacturing cycle, the quality of materials.