Fly - Molle Bonnel

16 cm thick open coil single mattress for bed with guest bed below. Available in size 80x190, 90x190, 80x200 or 90x200 cm. Bonnell spring unit topped with a foam comfort layer. Fits the Fly trundle bed by Lampolet.

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Unit Price: €251.32
Price: €251.32


Fly - Molle is a 16 cm thick open coil single mattress for bed with guest bed below. The length of 190 or 200 cm makes them ideal both for kids and adults. The spring unit consists of steel Bonnell springs interlinked by helical wires. The connection causes them to respond to body pressure and weight in groups, offering with a firm support. To make the it softer, both sides of the mattress are topped with a polyurethane foam comfort layer.
It fits the Lampolet's Fly trundle bed (a single bed with a second pull out guest bed below).


  • made in Italy
  • single bed width 80, 90 cm, length 190, 200 cm
  • combination of standard open coils and polyurethane foam comfort layers

Production and Delivery Time: 3 weeks (starting september 2021)



  • 80 x 190 / 80 x 200 cm
  • 90 x 190 / 90 x 200 cm

Height: 16 cm


Support layer: 2.2 mm diameter Bonnell steel coils
Comfort layer: polyurethane foam, density 25 kg/m³
Cover: 100% cotton fabric padded with resinated fabric 100% PL 200 g/m² and TNT non-woven fabric
Border cover: quilted, with air vents and tape

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