Shipping and Delivery

Specialized Logistics relies only on the best specialized furniture carriers.

Directly from the Manufacturer - Ground Floor Delivery
The Delivery Option automatically shown in the Cart is Ground Floor Delivery. It is carried out by specialized furniture carriers: this kind of delivery takes place at ground floor, outside the building or up to the nearest point that can be reached by the truck used for the delivery. Customers may be required to help the driver to unload the packages from the truck.
The products can be easily assembled by Customers.

Times and Notifications

Lampolet ( ) always operates to provide Customers with accurate information.
The Delivery Times here below are estimated times based on previous deliveries: they represent a reliable indication, but can however change depending on contingencies due to production, logistics or particular periods of the year (for example: all the orders made before long holidays periods can be delayed due to the closing periods of our factory and our logistics partners).

Ground Floor Delivery
Delivery Times: 3 weeks

Warranty Validity

All products are delivered with a regular sales invoice valid for a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. From the moment of delivery we ask customers to follow all steps of our Procedure for the Reception and Verification of the Products.

We strongly recommend to read this page carefully even before the delivery, in this way you will be prepared to go through all the different steps and receive the best possible assistance.

Shipping and Remote or Isolated Locations

The "Delivery Services" box inside the Cart page allows to calculate the discounted price including the Ground Floor Delivery.

Remote or Isolated Locations
Standard Delivery services do not take into account possible surcharges for locations that cannot be reached by the vehicles normally used for deliveries (7 - 12 metres trucks). Some examples:

1- old / historic town centres and high streets where trucks have no access
2- construction sites: unfinished buildings
3- some islands: all foreign country islands, for example Spain's Balearic and Canary islands.

If you think one of these may be your case, please contact us before purchase to receive a quote.