Il Diciotto

Sofa bed mechanism for thick mattresses for everyday use. Single, double, king or super king size bed with sprung, pocket sprung, memory or foam mattress. Welded mesh or slatted base.

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Unit Price: €522.16
Price: €522.16



Il Diciotto by Lampolet is a sofa bed mechanism for thick mattresses h.16 / 18 cm with springs or pocket springs, in memory or polyurethane foam. It turns into a single, double, king or super king size bed. Made of high-strength steel with a 200 cm long welded mesh or slatted base, this is a high-performance system designed for sofa beds for everyday use.
Opening is quick and easy: just pull the sofa backrest towards you and down to the floor to obtain a comfortable sleeping surface. The mechanism opens in a single movement, without removing the sofa's seat and back cushions.
Il Diciotto is a top quality mechanism built to last, with a sturdy frame and premium components tested to ensure endless opening and closing. These features make it suitable for mattresses with a height of 18 cm, which is the ideal choice for frequent or daily use sofa beds. Perfect for private homes and studio apartments, it is also the ideal choice to offer maximum comfort to guests in contract and hotel settings.


  • Made in Italy
  • high-strength steel tubular frame
  • epoxy powder coating
  • frame fitted with interlocking taper connectors to mount parts (arms and backrest)
  • optional: one cushion backrest, two cushion backrest, backrest with pillow storage, chaise with storage

Production and Delivery Time: 3 weeks (starting september 2021)



Find the right mattress for this mechanism: Il Diciotto mattresses


  • small single: 97 x 85 cm (mattress 75 x 200 h.16 / 18 cm)
  • large single (only with welded mesh base): 122 x 85 cm (mattress 100 x 200 h.16 / 18 cm)
  • small double: 137 x 85 cm (mattress 115 x 200 h.16 / 18 cm)
  • double: 162 x 85 cm (mattress 140 x 200 h.16 / 18 cm)
  • king size: 182 x 85 cm (mattress 160 x 200 h.16 / 18 cm)
  • super king size (only with welded mesh base): 202 x 85 cm (mattress 180 x 200 h.16 / 18 cm)

Open bed length: 209 cm
Legs height: 8 cm
More details in the photo gallery.

Bed Base

  • welded mesh
  • wood slats