BL8 H18 - Gomma 27CM BS

15 cm thick CM foam sofa bed mattress available single, double and king size, 195 cm long. Covered in 100% cotton fireproof fabric. Fits the BL8 - H18 mechanism.

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Unit Price: €300.12
Price: €300.12



27CM is a comfortable 15 cm thick CM foam sofa bed mattress, available as a 195 cm long single, double or king size. Made of a single combustion-modified polyurethane foam block with a density of 27 kg/m³, it offers a bed for frequent use. It complies with the British Standard 7177 and Crib 5 fire safety regulations, and it's covered in a 100% cotton fireproof fabric. These characteristics make the 27 CM suitable for contract environments such as hotels and other hospitality settings.
Gomma 27CM BS fits the BL8 H18 mechanism for sofa and chair beds.


  • made in Italy
  • width 75, 100, 115, 140, 160 cm, length 195 cm
  • fireproof mattress and cover British Standard 7177 and CRIB 5 compliant, ideal for both private homes and hotels
  • for BL8 H18 2-fold mechanism

Production and Delivery Time: 3 weeks (starting september 2021)



  • small single: 75 x 195 cm
  • single: 100 x 195 cm
  • large singolo: 115 x 195 cm
  • double: 140 x 195 cm
  • king size: 160 x 195 cm

Height: 15 cm


Support layer: CM (combustion-modified) polyurethane foam, density 27 kg/m³
Cover: 100% CO fireproof quilted fabric padded with resinated fabric 200 g/m² and TNT non-woven barrier fabric, fireproof tape
Border cover: 100% CO fireproof fabric

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