Memory Removable Tencel Cover

Viscoelastic semi-firm memory foam mattress with removable cover in Tencel® cellulose. 20cm in height and 190, 195 or 200 cm in length. Available in a single, small double, double, king size or super king size model.

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Unit Price: €778.36
Price: €778.36


Memory Tencel is a viscoelastic, semi-firm memory mattress that is both comfortable and ergonomic. 20 cm in height, this mattress is available in a single, small double, double, king size or super king size model. It is made up of two layers, one of viscoelastic foam with a memory effect, and the other of polyurethane foam. The result is a mattress which intelligently adapts to the shape of your body, without compression, before returning to its original shape. The lack of pressure points stimulates a better flow of blood circulation, allowing the spine and joints to rest naturally without stress or muscular tension.

This mattress is also available in the Tencel® memory version, featuring a removable cover that is machine washable up to 60°. The presence of Tencel®, a soft, smooth and glossy fibre which is a product of cellulose, gives this cover excellent resistance, good breathability and moisture absorption.


  • memory foam mattress in viscoelastic and polyurethane
  • 20 cm tall, available as a single, double or king size
  • removable Tencel® cover is machine washable

Production and Delivery Time: 3 weeks (starting september 2021)


small single: 80/85 x 190/195/200 cm
single: 90/100 x 190/195/200 cm
small double: 120 x 190/195/200 cm
double: 140 x 190/195/200 cm
king size: 160/165/170 x 190/195/200 cm
super king size: 180 x 190/195/200 cm
emperor: 200 x 200 cm

Mattress height: 20 cm

Technical Specifications and Materials

Internal structure: viscoelastic foam plate + polyurethane foam, jersey lining 70% CO - 30% PL.
Padding: 100% PL hypoallergenic fibre.
Cover: stretch fabric 60% PL and 40% Tencel®, quilted with 100% PL hypoallergenic wadding and 100% PL fabric. Machine washable up to 60°.