Choosing a Milano Bedding sofa bed: transformable and upholstered high quality products

Made in Italy Design, mechanisms and equipment

Milano Bedding is a 100% Made in Italy brand created in 1996 by Kover Srl, a company that since the 80s has entered the national and international market excelling in the production of high quality quilted covers,sofa beds and transformable beds. The company is located in one of the most productive areas, Brianza (Lombardy region), where craftmanship and furniture industry have combined to create a unique production centre of excellence, renown for the manufacturing of furniture which are appreciated and exported to the whole world.
Milano Bedding guarantees that the whole production cycle take place in their Desio city headquarters. Milano Bedding sofa beds, armchair beds and ottoman beds are created with a mix of design, craftmanship know-how, extreme attention to detail, and high quality components.

All sofa beds, transformable ottomans and armchair beds are in fact equipped with Lampolet mechanisms and Springs mattresses: two brands that guarantee high performances through time, resistance, ease of use and the best comfort. The combination of these factors makes the quality of our transformable products incomparable on different levels: functionality, comfort and a neat look are the fundamental characteristics that make these products the ideal choice for those who are looking for a long lasting sofa bed, and not the same old "emergency solution".


Lampolet Sofa beds: safe and easy to use opening mechanisms

Since 1963 Lampolet opening mechanisms are internationally renown, requested and appreciated: they are patented and designed to make it possible to open and close sofa beds, armchairs beds, and ottoman beds thousands of times. Thanks to high quality mechanisms like Lampolet all our products can be quickly and safely opened and closed with the minimum effort.
Milano Bedding collection includes free-standing mechanisms, folding mechanisms and a model with an electric motorized mechanism.

The opening mechanism is composed of a supporting structure in high-tensile steel equipped with bayonet couplings for the armrests and backrest upholstered modules. The supporting structure is also equipped with a webbing that supports the sofa seat and the bed base in steel mesh or with ashwood slats.
Each opening mechanism has a different opening modality. The main ones are the one movement and two movements opening. In detail:

  • opening through the rotation of the backrest followed by the unfolding of mattress and bed base
  • opening through the rotation of the backrest followed by the unfolding of mattress and bed base without removing the seat and backrest cushions
  • half opening (with mattress doubled up)
  • front pull-out opening (typical of folding beds)
  • lift-up opening (typical of ottoman beds)


Springs Mattresses with innovative materials for comfortable sofa beds

Springs offers mattresses for sofa beds with springs or polyurethane paddings, in latex or memory foam designed to provide the best comfort and support. Materials are specifically selected and manufactured to make the mattress bend without compromising its compactness and load-bearing capacity. According to the sofa bed model you can find:

  • mattresses with springs, pocket springs, micro springs
  • mattresses in latex and polyurethane
  • mattresses in polyurethane, also with memory foam inserts

The mattress height depends on the sofa, armchair and ottoman model, but also on the Lampolet mechanism included.
Mattresses range from 11 to 18 cm. The latter is definitely a mattress recommended for those who regularly use the sofa bed, even on a daily basis.

Discover all you need to know about Springs mattresses inside the complete guide: How to Choose the Mattress for your Sofa Bed.


Functional and fully equipped sofa beds for every day use

Most of our sofa beds are equipped with accessories designed to increase the comfort level and guarantee high standards in terms of functionality. For this reason our transformable products are made with the greatest attention to details:

  • possibility to choose the bed base made of steel mesh or ashwood slats
  • bed base with mattress holder to avoid having it loose shape when closed or slip when open
  • mechanism with retractable casters to easily move the sofa and clean the hidden corners too
  • sofa beds with storage chaise longue: a sofa for every day use, if needed it can be transformed in a comfortable bed. Moreover, the chaise longue provides a perfect storage space for covers, blankets, pillows, or to tidy up your children's toys in the sitting room
  • backrest with pillow storage compartment to have everything organized when you are not using the bed


Tested and resistant sofa beds: certifications and safety

Kover Srl is a company certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the designing, production and commercialisation of sofa beds, beds, upholstered furniture and quilts.
During the 80s ISO (International Standard Organization) has established a set of rules for the development of Quality Systems that are nowadays the reference model for all those companies aiming to respect strict criteria in terms of quality and production organization. Kover Srl decided from the very beginning to comply with the 9001:1994 rule: this is the most comprehensive regulation in setting rules for all phases related to industrial activity.
The company complied then to the 9001:2000 and 2008 rules which were updated placing the customers satisfaction at the centre of all activities of the organization.

For what concerns the mechanisms: the creation of innovative systems, patented both in Europe or in the United States, made Lampolet a reference point for the industry of upholstered and transformable products.
Where necessary, the mechanisms included in sofa beds, ottoman beds and armchair beds are tested by CATAS, a laboratory specialised in analysis for the wooden furniture industry intended to verify the safety, resistance and durability of furniture products. The mechanisms are carefully examined by putting under stress the different components through strain, loading and crash tests. The resistance of the surfaces, transportation in extreme conditions, and resistance to degradation are some of the most important tests. Because of these verifications, manufacturers are compelled to perform specific tests under the supervision of recognised and certified institutions, in order to assure the short and last term endurance of al the technical and safety characteristics. In this way the quality and reliability of our products are guaranteed even more.

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